Tuesday, 8 November 2011


TEAM Spirit

T – Tolerance
E – Empathy
A – Acceptance
M – Mould

We all want a team that will help us to succeed and win, and when that doesn’t happen, we get frustrated and start blaming our team for our failure.
Why do we treat our own team as a punching bag? Is it the one responsible for our failure? Does it have an identity of its own?  Are we not a part of it?
Think. What is a team?
A group of individuals coming together for a common purpose, to achieve a common goal.
We are always working in teams. As a family at home, with friends on a picnic, at the signal with strangers. We are social animals and hence live in groups. However, we still haven’t mastered the art of living in harmony in these groups.
We need to stop and think where we are going wrong. Why can’t we function successfully as a team?
Problem lies with us. We are not strong enough, to take the onus, the responsibility of our actions and reactions. How many times in a week, do you forgive mistakes, not others for their mistakes but also ourselves for our mistakes? It takes a great deal of guts to forgive, because forgiveness asks for acceptance. Once you accept people the way they are, it is easy to forgive. And if you can forgive, then harmony will rule. And once there’s harmony, there’s better understanding, and better synchronicity, and more success.
We will talk about the functions of the team in the next post.